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The world is dynamically changing and looking for new and alternative solutions. Everyone knows that hydrogen is the fuel of the future that will revolutionize the global economy, and we are part of that revolution!

Our solutions

Our solutions

Hydrogen production


We provide zero-emission, energy-efficient hydrogen fuel for the purposes of transport, industry and power sector.

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  • Hydrogen production: Electrolyzer
  • Hydrogen hub
  • Refueling stations
  • Hydrogen and Steam Generation
  • HGaaS Management System
Our offer

Our offer

Hydrogen in transport

We believe that hydrogen is the best alternative to conventional fuels in transport, therefore, we offer solutions to support the sector’s transformation to become zero-emission.


Hydrogen in the industry and energy sector

We focus on hydrogen as a tool to decarbonize the most difficult sectors of the economy – heavy industry and the energy sector.

Energy storage

We recognize opportunities to use hydrogen as an effective storage facility enabling the balance of the power system and providing regular supplies of renewable energy.



Will geothermal energy be used to produce green hydrogen?

So far, there has been little talk in the industry about using geothermal energy to produce hydrogen. Due to the technical advancement of the installations and lower costs, projects have focused primarily on solar and wind energy. Nonetheless, one of the first consortiums to produce hydrogen from geothermal was announced last year.

Will geothermal energy be used to produce green hydrogen?
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