SES Hydrogen

We focus on developing hydrogen technologies that go hand in hand with current needs and climate goals in Poland and all over the world. The idea of exploring the potential of hydrogen as an alternative to conventional fuels and its use in the transport, industrial and energy sectors originated in the Sescom Group more than 12 years ago, and today we develop it on a large scale.

About us

More than

10 years

of experience in the field of hydrogen technologies

We provide innovative products and small and large-scale solutions in the areas of production, storage and distribution of zero-emission green hydrogen, green electricity and green thermal energy.


patents for hydrogen technologies

Our projects are based on the production of green hydrogen using an electrolyzer and its distribution using integrated refuelling infrastructure. When observing the rapidly growing demand for zero-emission hydrogen and renewable energy, we take a step forward and as early as today we offer our customers a comprehensive concept of the hydrogen hub that we customize to their requirements. Thanks to the hub, we allow cities, municipal companies and industrial entities to become independent of external hydrogen supplies and rising prices of energy and conventional fuels, thus ensuring energy security.



Hydrogen and oxygen generator

Hydrogen and oxygen generator unit

We integrate distributed communities of RES prosumers and, through the HGaaS Management System, we create an efficiently functioning ecosystem of energy producers and consumers to balance supply and demand in the green hydrogen market.

Steam boiler unit

Hydrogen boiler unit

(invention subject to patent application)

We know that it is possible to transform even the most difficult areas of the economy, therefore, we develop a project of a hydrogen boiler – the first zero-emission heating device in the market that will contribute to reducing the level of emissions and pollution from the thermal power sector.

Our vision

Even today, we are thinking about the future, therefore, we are doing our best to contribute with our technologies to a better, more environmentally friendly world powered by green energy!

We combine many years of experience with a modern vision to anticipate and stay ahead of the ever-changing needs of society and the economy in Poland and all over the world. We are aware that the potential of renewable energy sources is almost unlimited, and further development of our solutions will support the creation of a stable hydrogen market and will contribute to creating a modern and sustainable economy, to provide a better tomorrow for us and future generations.

Our mission

We meet the current and future goals of the Polish and global climate strategy and offer innovative solutions to support the decarbonization of the economy!

We are focused on the sustainability and the common use of hydrogen, thus, our main goal is to optimize the production and distribution of green electricity, heat and green hydrogen fuel so that they could be available everywhere and for everyone! As the first producer of proprietary hydrogen generators on the Polish market, in the coming years, we will develop new lines of electrolyzers that will allow us to optimize and increase the efficiency of the production process.