HGaaS Management System

We streamline manage and facilitate the use of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure and build a virtual marketplace for purchasing and selling renewable energy.

We create the concept of HGaaS (Hydrogen Generator as a Service) with a view to users of hydrogen vehicles, owners of refuelling stations and producers of renewable energy, in particular, small businesses who struggle every day with market difficulties – high maintenance costs and the lack of adequate technological facilities for transactions in its area.

Recognizing the need to create a smoothly functioning ecosystem for green energy providers and consumers, we build a smart, hybrid software-hardware product that will not only enable simple and intuitive use, operation and supervision of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure but will also become a virtual space for moderating renewable energy sales and purchase processes.


integration of distributed RES producer communities

Virtual market

moderating processes of energy purchase and sale


construction of and technical support for hydrogen distribution infrastructure

Balancing hydrogen demand and supply

ensuring continuous operation and access to hydrogen, corresponding to the dynamically changing market needs

By means of HGaaS, we will make the use of refuelling infrastructure as convenient as never before and will provide:

For individual and corporate customers

  • Easy and intuitive use of hydrogen distribution infrastructure. With HGaaS, you will quickly come to like new technologies.
  • Convenient and universal access to fuel by automatic searching for active stations near you. Hydrogen is always on the way, close to you, in the amount you need.
  • Navigation only to the stations you select based on the indicated criteria. You decide which stations will be considered by the system.
  • Prior reservation of fuel. Reduced waiting time and certainty that hydrogen will always be waiting for you.
  • An efficient process for navigation of long-distance routes including refuelling. Certainty that you will always arrive at your set destination.
  • Integration with the vehicle management system to provide an analysis of hydrogen consumption. You do not have to control the amount of remaining fuel, we will do it for you.
  • Optimization of business route planning processes and drivers’ working hours. Planning business trips has never been so easy!

For users of refuelling stations

  • Clear interface for easy use of a Intuitive operation will speed up the refuelling process.
  • Precise handling instructions. We will help you refuel seamlessly.
  • Possibility of picking up a reservation made through the mobile app or refuelling on-site without prior reservation. It is your decision on how to use the station.

For owners and operators of refuelling stations

  • Assistance in managing the facility. Access to parameters and status of devices so that you have full control over their proper functioning.
  • Access to analytics and statistics, insight into the evolution of prices and trends in the hydrogen market.
  • Simple operation for a trained worker. Verification of user reservations, insight into completed transactions and automated sales and invoicing processes.
  • Optimization of electricity purchasing processes for the station. Services of its maintenance and supervision, to meet applicable safety standards.

For RES prosumers

  • Ecosystem designed in particular for small energy producers.
  • Virtual market to streamline processes for selling renewable energy produced.
  • Permanent access to transaction history of the system and the possibility of generating them in physical form.
  • Permanent access to the history and monitoring of all payments made.

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