Hydrogen and steam generation

We heat houses, housing estates and industrial buildings with green thermal energy.

Currently used fossil fuel-based heating systems are characterized by high levels of greenhouse gas emissions, including, first of all, carbon dioxide, whose concentration in the atmosphere has dramatically increased, especially over the last several decades. It contributes significantly to strengthening the greenhouse effect and deteriorating air quality, thus decreasing the comfort of our daily lives.


To prevent this, we develop the project of the SES Hydrogen boiler – the first fully zero-emission heating device for the Power-to-Gas systems in the market.

The product is a compact unit of hydrogen and steam generation consisting of two components – a hydrogen boiler and a hydrogen and oxygen source in the form of an electrolyzer.

The boiler’s operation is based on the controlled combustion of hydrogen in pure oxygen in a closed circuit. This system does not emit exhaust fumes to the environment in the form of pure steam and guarantees the high efficiency of the device.

Scalability of the device

We customize the solution to the current needs of users while providing the flexibility to increase its power over time.

Extensive boiler power output control range

We achieve smooth control of the steam flow in the system and control of the amount of hydrogen and oxygen produced in the electrolyzer.

Independence from the use of conventional fuels

We focus on zero emissions – the only raw material used in the process is environmentally neutral water!

By using a closed circuit in the system and applying hydrogen as the base fuel, the hydrogen boiler guarantees zero emissions of particulate matter, NOx, COx and SOx into the atmosphere. Thanks to this, it not only has a neutral impact on the environment but also ensures that our customers save money by increasing the efficiency of the device and reducing the costs they have to incur so far for emission penalties.

No emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere

achieved by using a closed circuit in the device

No stack losses

thermal energy introduced into the system is not given back to the environment

High device efficiency

guaranteed efficiency of more than 95%

Owing to the scalability of the device, the SES Hydrogen boiler provides a basis for modernizing thermal power plants and may be widely used

In small-scale

heating stations for housing estates and small industrial units

In the large-scale power sector and industry

large thermal power plants, production plants and production industry

For energy islands

non-urbanized areas that do not have a gas network or are limited by strict environmental regulations

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