Hydrogen hub

We produce, store and distribute hydrogen and renewable energy, ensuring the stability of supplies and energy security.

We recognize and tap the almost unlimited potential of renewable sources.

Generating electricity by means of large-scale RES installations is the basis for the operation of the hydrogen hub – a comprehensive solution that creates a local ecosystem for the production and distribution of hydrogen and renewable energy.

Through the hub, we deliver zero-emission, energy-efficient solutions to all sectors of the economy. We support cities in achieving their climate goals and ensure stable supplies of fuel and energy, meeting their needs related to energy security.

The hydrogen hub provides

The emergence of a local ecosystem

We customize the hydrogen hub to the specific needs of our customers. We create a local power system that not only guarantees clean fuel and energy but can be expanded to include solutions for the thermal power sector and production industry.

Green hydrogen at a favourable price

We provide institutional and private customers with zero-emission hydrogen fuel at a competitive price. Thanks to this solution, our customers are not dependent on the supply and prices applicable in the fuel market.

Green energy at a competitive price

We provide cities and industrial consumers with green electricity. The supplies of renewable energy ensure the achievement of environmental goals, energy stability and reduce the risk of dynamically rising market prices of raw materials and conventional energy produced with their use.

The hydrogen hub includes the production, storage and distribution of hydrogen and energy

In order to provide our customers with reliable supplies of energy and hydrogen fuel, we build and operate large-scale RES installations – wind farms and photovoltaic farms. We use the energy obtained from them to produce green hydrogen in the installed electrolyzers, and we supply surplus energy to the network and distribute it to industrial entities and end-users under PPA contracts.

The SES Hydrogen hub is a full-scale solution that provides both the distribution of produced hydrogen fuel for the purposes of broadly understood transport by building full hydrogen refuelling infrastructure, and the long-term storage of hydrogen in specially adapted tanks thus enabling its further conversion into electricity using fuel cell technology.

The project assumes the expansion to include solutions for thermal power plants

We support the decarbonization of the thermal power sector by modernizing heat plants and CHP plants based on the proprietary hydrogen boiler model. Thanks to the proper design of the water recycling system, a closed circuit is created in the system, which guarantees savings due to the reduced demand for raw materials and lowered total costs of the process as well as a positive environmental effect.

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