Hydrogen in the industry and energy sector

Why hydrogen?

Fossil fuels currently satisfy more than 70% of industrial energy needs, primarily in the chemical, metallurgical and refinery sectors. This results in high emissions from processes, the reduction of which is one of the most important and, at the same time, most difficult targets set by the global climate policy. A particular challenge becomes the reduction in emissions from the heavy industry, in the case of which electrification becomes completely unprofitable due to the need to use high temperatures.

Thanks to its properties, hydrogen enables a wide range of applications in both the industry and the energy sector, serving as energy storage and carrier, fuel and raw material!

Hydrogen is particularly important for the development of the renewable energy sector, which until recently has not been possible due to the lack of adequate energy carriers and storage to ensure system stability. Through the use of modern hydrogen boilers, hydrogen will also become a source of zero-emission heat for heating public and residential buildings.

Why us?

We produce green electricity, and from it, zero-emission hydrogen fuel to produce heat so that it can be used to decarbonise particularly difficult areas of the economy. By building RES installations for the hydrogen hub, we supply clean energy directly to the network and distribute it to our customers – private and industrial entities under favourable PPA contracts.

Hydrogen production

Storage of surplus energy

Zero-emission processes

We produce pure hydrogen, which enables long-term storage of surplus energy and its reprocessing using fuel cell technologies and constitutes the raw material necessary for carrying out many industrial processes while remaining zero-emission.

With a hydrogen boiler, we enable the modernisation of thermal power plants and support them on their way to the reduction of emissions from the sector. Thanks to this, they not only achieve a beneficial environmental effect but also generate savings due to the absence of penalties incurred for emissions. We provide green heat for the needs of industrial and private customers – single-family homes and housing estates, and therefore creating a more sustainable future.

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