Hydrogen in transport

Why hydrogen?

Transport is the area of the economy that will be the first to undergo the hydrogen revolution. This results from the fact that fuel cell technologies in vehicles guarantee high efficiency and are currently at the stage enabling mass production and commercialization.

However, a barrier to the development of zero-emissions transport is insufficient hydrogen fuel distribution infrastructure. The Polish law and regulations proposed by the European Commission in the Fit for 55 climate package set ambitious targets for the Member States, local governments, city authorities and municipal companies, the achievement of which becomes a necessity on the way to the real reduction of emission levels from the sector which is globally responsible for even up to 25% of total greenhouse gas emissions.

Only investments in building an extensive hydrogen fuel distribution network, made as early as today, will make zero-emission mobility become our common reality in the coming years!

Why us?

At SES Hydrogen, we use our knowledge and experience in building comprehensive and safe hydrogen refuelling infrastructure. We analyse data, consider technical parameters and safety standards, and model so as to deliver solutions customised to the needs of our customers.

We analyse the data

We optimise the hydrogen production process

We implement the HGaaS Management System

We design the facilities, make arrangements with suppliers and supervise subsequent stages of construction. We provide maintenance services and monitoring of proper station functioning and safety, as well as optimisation of facility management processes and hydrogen production in relation to the demand for fuel growing over time.

Using the HGaaS Management System, we make the use of modern facilities intuitive. All thanks to an easy-to-use application for private and corporate customers, from which they can make prior reservations of fuel, plan long-distance routes with navigation to designated stations, and thanks to the system’s vehicle integration, receive constant monitoring of its status and fuel remaining. The system also provides technical support for facility owners and workers and ensures simple operation of devices, uninterrupted access to analyses and current status of technology at the station, as well as automation of all station transactions.

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