Hydrogen production: Electrolyzer

We develop the SES Hydrogen electrolyzer – the first proprietary hydrogen and oxygen generator solution on the Polish market.

Electrolyzers are devices allowing to split a molecule of water with the use of electricity into its constituent parts – oxygen and hydrogen. When we use energy from renewable sources for the electrolysis process, we obtain an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient hydrogen fuel.

By using energy from renewable resources, the SES Hydrogen electrolyzer will provide the power system balancing through the use in Power-To-X systems and the production and distribution of hydrogen fuel for the transport, industry and thermal power sector. The device’s scalability will allow for the optimisation of the production volume in relation to the current demand of our customers – cities, companies, transportation and energy companies while providing the flexibility for its further expansion.

Thanks to the modular structure of the electrolyzer, we adapt it to the current demand and specific projects, while allowing it to increase its power over time.
We produce high purity (99.999%) green hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles (FCEV).

The electrolyzer is a base component of the projects we develop


make it possible to produce green hydrogen fuel directly at refuelling infrastructure and its distribution for the needs of widely understood transport while minimizing the level of emissions resulting from the need to supply hydrogen from outside.

Hydrogen boiler house

is a base component of a hydrogen boiler, delivering hydrogen needed for the heat generation process. The hydrogen boiler house will provide cities, housing estates and companies with constant supplies of thermal energy while remaining completely zero-emission.

Hydrogen hub

provides on-site hydrogen generation at offshore and onshore renewable energy installations. Hydrogen produced is supplied directly to refuelling stations or stored to balance the power system and provide our customers with stable supplies of fuel and renewable energy.

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