Refueling stations

We build modern, hydrogen distribution infrastructure and we make it intuitive, convenient and safe to use.

We design a complete hydrogen refuelling station solution and supervise the project implementation processes. It is based on a proprietary model of an electrolyzer allowing to produce environmentally friendly hydrogen.

We tailor infrastructure to specific applications, current demand of our customers for hydrogen fuel, and adapt it in terms of the necessary technical parameters.

How do we operate?

We discuss

We ask questions, listen and learn about the goals, objectives and needs of our customers in order to propose optimal solutions that best meet their expectations.

We analyse

We create an offer based on analyses and models created, taking into account all necessary technical parameters related to the target market and ever-changing trends in the energy market.

We implement

We integrate ready-made components of refuelling infrastructure while allowing for its future expansion. We use our technical knowledge and experience to meet the necessary standards and ensure that the installation is safe to use.

We optimize

We continuously monitor, provide technical and service support, optimize processes and increase production capacity. Thanks to the HGaaS System, we support station owners in the processes of facility management and we make it easier for users to purchase fuel and sell renewable energy.

Integration of the SES Hydrogen refuelling station with the HGaaS Management System will guarantee

  • balancing the supply and demand for hydrogen and its availability in the quantities which our customers currently need
  • simple and intuitive use of modern refuelling infrastructure through a convenient interface and mobile app
  • technical and service support for station owners and employees
  • distribution of renewable energy from RES prosumers to specific refuelling stations
  • analysis of potential demand for hydrogen in the future based on observed trends and related systematic production optimization

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